ACEL Leadership Award


22 January 2020




A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to nominate one staff member for the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) Leadership Award. 

Up to ten (10) Leadership Awards are given each year to individual educators or teams of educators who have demonstrated outstanding performance in leading an educational organisation or initiative which has accomplished significant growth in outcomes for children, students and/or teachers, or major cultural change within that organisation or the profession at large.

The criteria was as follows:

Nominators should specifically focus on identifying and describing the achievements, capabilities and practices that clearly demonstrate outstanding educational leadership by this person or team.

It is with pleasure and excitement that I announce Diana Repole (English teacher) as a winner of one of the ACEL Leadership Awards.

Diana is an exceptional classroom practitioner with a strong moral purpose who has had a significant influence on the teaching practice of her colleagues, particularly young teachers who seek her guidance. She is a highly collaborative educator who is a loyal and determined leader committed to making a difference. She has led a college-wide initiative to facilitate teacher professional learning to improve student progress in the areas of inferential reading and effective writing with a particular focus on the transitional development from Stages 4 – 6. The Reading for Meaning, Writing for Purpose initiative has been very successful. Diana has been highly strategic and proactive in leading middle school teachers to revise programming, teaching strategies and assessment approaches to facilitate shared best practice about what works best in teaching these critical areas.

Diana is a worthy recipient of this award and thoroughly deserves the accolades that come with it. Please join me in congratulating her.

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