At GRC Oatley Senior Campus, the study of 2-units of Stage 6 English allows students to qualify for the award of the HSC. Our school offers all levels of English to cater for the specific needs and interests of students.

Standard English is a course designed to cater for the needs of the majority of students looking to go to university who may not be as engaged in English as in other areas. It also provides the communication skills necessary for post school opportunities. In this course, students will study a range of texts across film, prose, poetry, non-fiction and drama. They will develop their skills in extended writing, responding, textual analysis and written expression.

Advanced English is a course suited to the top 20% students in English. It is particularly suited to students who are strong writers and readers, whose post-school destination is tertiary education. Students study a range of more demanding literary texts across film, prose, poetry, non-fiction and Shakespearean drama. Advanced English is a pre-requisite for students to study English Extension 1 (Preliminary and or HSC), or English Extension 2 (HSC only).

English Extension 1 is an additional 1-unit course across two years of study which provides talented students with a challenging and stimulating literature course. The course is designed for the top students with exceptional skills in writing, reading, thinking and analysis. Extension1 English acts as a pre-requisite for students who wish to pursue Extension 2 English in Year 12.

Extension 2 English is an additional 1-unit course of study for those talented students wishing to engage in both a challenging and stimulating composition course. Unlike other English courses, students work across Year 12 on designing and creating a major work in an area of their interest and choice. These could include creative writing, poetry, analytical response, short film, drama script, radio drama, digital media, speeches and performance poetry.

English EAL/D is designed for those students who have been educated using English as the language of instruction for 5-years or less, prior to the start of Year 11. The study of English EAL/D provides opportunities for students to acquire and develop English language skills in the context of their study. This course is also designed to cater for students who may be moving into university study or apply the skills gained from the course for a variety of other post school opportunities. They will develop their skills in effective reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking.

English Studies is a more practical, communication-based course that meets requirements of the compulsory study of 2-units of English for the HSC and is also an ATAR optional course.  It is designed to cater for students who maybe more likely seeking vocational training of the workplace. Students study a range of texts, both literary and real-life.