NSW Schools Titration Competition

The NSW Schools Titration Competition is a quantitative analytical competition open to NSW students currently enrolled in Senior Chemistry studying towards the Higher School Certificate. The competition operates at a number of school and university venues throughout the State, attracting over 1200 students from across NSW each year.

Students compete in teams of three and, in ninety minutes, must complete a set of acid-base titrations to determine the unknown concentration of a weak acid. The team’s score will depend on the accuracy of the work of its members. The best score wins medals for the team. They may then be invited to participate in the National Competition later in the year.

The Competition is well aligned with the New Chemistry Syllabus. Competition entry can be used to satisfy 1.5 hours of practical experience and contribute to NSW Chemistry syllabus skills outcomes CH11/12-3, CH11/12-5 and knowledge & understanding outcomes CH11-9, CH12-13. It can also be used as a formative or summative assessment for a depth study.

The aim of the competition is to accurately determine the unknown concentration of an acid by using titration techniques. The performance of a team is determined by its total score which is a sum of the scores achieved by each of the team members. The closer a team member is to determining the correct concentration the lower the score. Thus, lower scores are better.

The following may be received from the competition:

  • a medal for each member of the winning team at a venue
  • a certificate of Excellence for a team with a score of 100 or less
  • a certificate of Merit for a team score of between 100 and 200
  • a certificate of Participation for a team score greater than 200.

In addition, a team with outstanding performance may be invited to the prestigious Royal Australian Chemical Institute National Titration Competition.

Each year at Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus, we enter 5 teams into the NSW competition, where we score favourably against other schools. In fact, for the last 14 years we have consistently scored better than most other comprehensive high schools. We have also managed to get at least one team into the National competition for the  last 10 years straight.