School Plan

At Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus, we are committed to the continued improvement of teaching, learning and well-being.

We work collaboratively to nurture positive relationships and provide an environment that values respect, responsibility and excellence.

We aim to develop a culture that inspires students to become autonomous life-long learners who are active and informed citizens that can embrace future challenge.

Strategic Improvement Plan 2021-2024


Our 3 Strategic Directions are:

  1. Strategic Direction 1 – Autonomous Lifelong Learners

    To build student capacity that engenders high expectations and autonomy and that facilitates problem solving, critical thinking and intellectual risk taking in a challenging environment.

  2. Strategic Direction 2 – Positive Culture of Teaching and Learning

    To enrich the quality of teacher practice where personal reflection and feedback on evidence informed practice leads to challenge, engagement and innovation for students.

  3. Strategic Direction 3 - Active, Ethical and Informed Citizens

    To build an inclusive educational environment which supports wellbeing and fosters the values of respect, responsibility and excellence, in order to inspire strong community connections and develop global citizens.