Stellar HSC results


22 January 2020




Congratulations to our 2019 Year 12 students who, individually and collectively, performed exceptionally well in the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

There is an expectation that we will do well, that our students will be stretched and challenged and that our teachers will do their very best ….. and more to assist students in realising their potential.


  • Ella-Rose Liasides – 99.85
  • Fatima Bazzi – 99.4
  • Michelle Ding – 99.15
  • Rithysak Yous  – 98.8

So far we have received confirmation that at least 15 students have gained an ATAR mark >90

Premier’s All-Rounders

These students have received a Band 6 for courses totalling 10 units or more

  • Ella-Rose Liasides
  • Fatima Bazzi
  • Michelle Ding

Top Achievers List

  • Ella-Rose Liasides – 10th in State Legal Studies
  • Fatima Bazzi – 12th in State Biology
  • Rithysak Yous – 1st in State Khmer Continuers

HSC Distinguished Achievers List

Band 6 – equivalent to 90% or above in any 2 Unit HSC Course / E4 – 45 out of 50 in any extension HSC course – 40 students were named on the list for 79 courses

Course Bands

  • Top 2 Bands – 401 awarded
  • Top 3 Bands – 905 awarded

Major Works Excellence Nominations


  • Aqeelah Toefy: Dance – Core Performance
  • Aqeelah Toefy: Dance – Major Study Performance


  • Rian Sauvan: Drama – Individual Performance


  • Sandy Liu: Design and Technology

Art Rules

  • Beverly Zhang: Work: Generations


  • James Merkouris: Music 1 – Viva Voce

Ella- Rose also achieved full marks for her PIP and was awarded a High Distinction by the Society and Culture Association. She placed in the top 20 in the state for her PIP.

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