Subject Selection

Students in Year 11 and 12 study a total of 80 courses onsite, with 22-24 courses offered in any timeslot. Most importantly, students have maximum choice of the available subjects because English and Maths classes and other popular subjects are offered on every timetable line. Thus, each student has the best chance to study the subjects that best suit his or her ability, interests and plans for work.

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Oatley Campus is the largest school based VET provider in NSW. Last year 50% of students studied courses in Construction, Business Services, Entertainment Retail, Hospitality Food and Beverage and Hospitality Kitchen Operations and Sport Coaching. These courses provide credit towards both HSC and TAFE and industry credentials. A further 84 students studied five TAFE courses onsite through the Sydney Institute. These students will gain dual accreditation in Accounting, Child Studies, Photography, Tourism or Design. 80 other students travelled to nearby TAFE Colleges for other TAFE courses. 17,675 work placement hours were completed.


A bridge to Higher Education, Training and the Workplace

The study opportunities, the facilities and the more adult ethos help students better bridge the gap between school, tertiary study and training, and the workplace.